FA092 – How to Get Automated Newsletter Income

This is as close to getting passive income as I’ve seen from someone actively running his own business. Oh, I’m not changing my position on earning passive income.

This is a case of Leveraged Income, but boy howdy, it sure is leveraged.

In this episode, you’ll meet Matt Paulson (one smart dude) who created a premium newsletter that he promotes on his financial news sites.

His audience signs up for the newsletter and he gets $10 to $15 per month. Software does all the rest. No writing “epic” content. Or “connecting” on social media. Just delivering a quality product to their inbox each day — automatically.

Hopefully, I got your interest piqued. This episode should get you thinking on how you’re going to create a premium newsletter for your audience and maybe even make it completely automated.

The Founder’s Dilemmas

My friend Noam Wasserman at Harvard Business School has spent years researching startups. His work is great, because he actually does real, quantitative research on the kinds of things that everybody has opinions about. Should you raise more money or maintain more control? Should you have a cofounder? Should your friends and relatives be cofounders? When and if should a founder be replaced by a “professional” manager? There are certainly a lot of blog posts about this stuff but not a lot of data... until now. Wasserman has finally put it all together in a great book called The Founder’s Dilemmas, which I highly recommend if you’re starting a company.

(By the way, Wasserman will also be speaking at the Business of Software conference this fall in Boston.)

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FA091 – Jobless In A New Country To Internet Success With Gideon Shalwick

What do you do when you immigrate to a new country, but can’t get a job?

You start an online business, of course!

In this episode, guest Internet entrepreneur, Gideon Shalwick of GideonShalwick.com shares his story about being jobless in Australia and his struggle to make a living online. Within a couple of years, Gideon became a very successful Internet marketer and a known expert in Youtube marketing.

Oh, and this isn’t an episode all about how Gideon did it, he also gives some killer advice on doing super successful joint ventures (JVs) and how to get started with video marketing and build an audience rapidly.

We go into more than just “make money online” products. Gideon shares how he built a successful online business in the magic niche starting from scratch — no list and no contacts. You can follow a similar path in your niche to rapidly reach your goals.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,


FA090 – How To Get More Freedom From The Money You Make

Time To Get Foolish With Your Finances

Foolish Adventure Show listener and (now) contributor, Tom Wachowski of YourMoneyHouse.com joins me in this episode to talk about your money and what to do with it to gain more freedom in your life.

Tom and I talk about the cultural script of “spending equals success” and how to overcome societal pressures to live the life that’s truly important to you.

You’ll learn about finding your BIG WHY for financial freedom.

What you won’t find in this episode is stock tips or specific investments for you to put your money into. No, this episode is about your Money Mindset and Money Methodologies. I do spend some time sharing how I investment my money — hint: it’s about control.

If money and the keeping of money is important to you, then dive right into this episode.

FA089 – Customers Are Always Right Except When They’re Not

How Far Do You Go To Provide Customer Service?

In this episode, guest co-host, Lain Ehmann, asks, “Is the customer always right?”

As business owners we have to walk a tight-rope between serving our customers and serving ourselves. There are some altruistic sentiments floating around that says if you serve your customers completely then you’ll prosper as a business owner.

I don’t think this is true. You shouldn’t leave a job to gain your freedom from one boss only to enslave yourself to thousands of other bosses in the form of customers. But…

We still have to give great customer service. What does that even mean?

How can we have a life and still serve our customers?

When is the customer right and when is the customer wrong?

Lain and I go into these questions and more so have a listen.

Creating Awesome User Documentation, You Suck at Email, and More…

Create Awesome User Documentation – Launched by a Micropreneur Academy member and winner of a local startup competition, GuideKit helps you create better documentation with less effort…whether you’re building API documentation, user guides, or in-depth tutorials.

You Suck at Email – Great slide presentation on how to properly send and manage email. Actionable tips beyond the “inbox zero” stuff you typically hear.

The 100 Blogs You Need In Your Life (if you want to leave your job) - Sweetness…and this very blog made the list (#69).

Startup 101: Look Before You Leap – New article series by Patrick Foley of the Startup Success podcast.

Compare Venture Capital Firms - A new comparison engine from Find the Best.

Are you a PHP, Linux or WordPress Minor Deity? Apply here. - WPEngine is hiring (disclosure: I’m an investor). If I wasn’t so busy with HitTail I would apply, but I’d never make the cut.

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